Jailbird has tunneled their way to freedom. After meeting up with a friend on the outside, they hopped on a floating island and unearthed an item known as the FLIGHT CAPE. Most AVIANS who wear one can use it to transform into a BIRD! Unfortunately, the magic in it isn't held in too well. If Jailbird and their new friends aren't able to stop it soon, they'll be turned into a BIRD, permanently! And no one wants that... do they?

  • AGE: Young
  • PRONOUNS: They/Them
  • SPECIES: Featherless Avian
  • INVENTORY: Postcard, box of photographs, Canary's feather, Thistle Whistle


Duck is on a mission to save the world. He believes the secret lies in finding the TEMPLE OF DAISIES, a mythical place said to allow you to speak directly to the planet. Who better to seek it out than a world-travelling mapmaker? No one knows more about the geography of HAHNA than he does. He's also a dad of several dozen children, and thinks himself a teacher. So, he's got all the qualifications.

  • AGE: Middle-aged
  • PRONOUNS: He/Him
  • SPECIES: Advanced Bird
  • SPECIAL SKILL: Can write with his beak



Canary was the first victim of the FLIGHT CAPE that Jailbird now wears. Jailbird knows her as the little BIRD friend who helped them escape their prison cell... most others know her as the former fourth member of the infamous witch coven called the HARPIES. Back then, she and Frogmouth were very close. She doesn't seem to remember that anymore... all she shows now is a desire to lead Jailbird to the TEMPLE OF DAISIES.

  • AGE: Middle-aged
  • PRONOUNS: She/Her
  • SPECIES: Originally Avian, now Bird
  • LIKES: Jailbird, bird stuff...???



Julep has just been born. She was made by Owl as a gift to Jailbird. PLANT GOLEMS are very simple creatures; they're basically the wildlife of HAHNA. But Julep's got some tricks up her sleeve passed down through her mom, AND she's loyal to the end. She's a very helpful friend that you can keep in your pocket!

  • AGE: Baby
  • PRONOUNS: She/Her
  • SPECIES: Plant Golem (Tulip)



Frogmouth is the "leader" of the HARPIES. Her specialty is GARDENING, and though it's the most basic of magics, she's extraordinary at it... she can make a plant grow even in the harshest conditions. She may seem like a big 'ol crank, but she swears it's just that solitude has worn away a lot of her social graces. She loves Canary very much, even now...

  • AGE: Old
  • PRONOUNS: She/Her
  • SPECIES: Avian



Owl is the new second-in-command. Her specialty is PLANTOMANCY, and she loves her craft so much that her living space is crammed with her pets. Owl is blind but can “see” most things by touching them, which is something that PLANT GOLEMS also do... I wonder if that's why she likes their company so much. Well, that and they're cute, of course. She and Duck have been close friends since they were little.

  • AGE: Younger
  • PRONOUNS: She/Her
  • SPECIES: Avian
  • FAVORITE PET: Skip the Vine Snake



Osprey is the most talented witch of the bunch, but something holds her back these days. She dabbles in many areas of magic, including COOKING, POTIONS, and WEAVING. The FLIGHT CAPES are largely her own design, and so she takes a lot of the blame for what happened. She is kind to a fault and eager to help whenever she can. It seems like she really enjoys being in BIRD form...

  • AGE: Youngest
  • PRONOUNS: She/Her
  • SPECIES: Avian
  • FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Boiling water


Planet Hahna

Planet Hahna is the gigantic, powerful BIRD that all HAHNIANS, both AVIAN and BUG, live on. She is the source of all magic. And she is dying. Her deserts are spreading, and her plants are disappearing. But, unlike other past crises, she is not crying this time... her people are using their power to help her as much as they can, but something needs to be done, and soon.

  • AGE: Thousands and thousands of years
  • PRONOUNS: She/Her
  • SPECIES: Bird God/Planet
  • FUN FACT: Hahna's moon is the leftover seed hull that she sprouted from!